Eternal sat meditating as Dane walked into the cavern. "Why were you following me?" she asks opening one eye and looking at him.

He stares shocked as she floats about a metre from the ground. He shakes his head and begins to speak. "You're in love with are leader aren't you? You're in love with Falcon?" He say.

Eternal sighs and unfolds her legs to put her feet down on the ground. She turns to face him. "Is this what you want to know? That if I'm jeprodising your chance of excape?"

Dane looks embarassed and looks away. "No..... I actually came to ask you something else" he mumbles.

"What is it?" Eternal asks.

Dane sighs then mumbles some word quietly. "Sorry" Eternal says shaking her head and stepping closer tilting her head so one ear is closer. Dane mumbles the words again.

"Say them louder" Eternal says frustrated.

"Will you train me?" He shouts right in her face. Eternal fliched before genuine shock came over her face.

"You..... you want me to be your trainer? Why?" Eternal's shocked right down to the bones in her feet.

What brought this on?

"Yes.... I don't like you but what I hear from the men is you can fight.... and very well much better than our leader whose the best fighter of our group" Dane says standing tall.

"I can't train you to my standards for safety reasons..... but I can train you up to below Falcon'"

Dane nods and they shake hands agreeing. Wow I have an apprentice, Eternal thoughts whisper shocked.

The End

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