Fruitless SearchMature

Falcon wanders through the caves, desperately looking all around for any sign of Dane. No matter how much he'd asked around the camp, no-one had seen him all day, presuming him to be with Falcon. Thankfully none of them yet knew of the events that had taken place earlier, for the awkwardness with which they talked to Falcon was so pronounced it was almost visible and gods knew what they would do if they found out about what Falcon had done. What was more, Dane hadn't been the only one to realise Falcon's feelings for Eternal. And he wasn't the only one who disapproved of it either. Many avoided Falcon's gaze, speaking to him only in monosyllables and moving off as fast as they could. But, Falcon reminds himself, he doesn't have time for that now.

He calls through the caves, hoping desperately for a reply, but never recieving any. His anxiety grows, where on earth has Dane gone? People don't just vanish, surely he's here somewhere. He's not so foolish as to leave the caves, of that he's sure. No matter how freaked out he was, Dane wouldn't have done that. Would he?

"Where are you?" Falcon mutters under his breath, peering into a cavern and - once again - finding it empty.

He knows he should  give up, go back to the camp and try and solve things with the others, but he just can't. It's like he's locked in a cycle, unable to break away from the creeping fear that lurks at the corner of his mind. What if he doesn't come back? it whispers. What if he's gone for good? No matter how many times Falcon pushes it away, it's always there, eating away at him and growing in strength with every passing second.

After what feels like hours of fruitless searching, Falcon finally despairs and begins to make his way back to camp, navigating the winding tunnels back the way he came, squinting to see in the dark. Wherever he was, Dane was eluding him for now. Then again, Falcon thinks hopefully, maybe I just didn't see him? These caves go back for gods know how long and there's more passages here than in a block of Swiss cheese. Maybe they'd missed each other in the tunnels, it was pretty dingy after all. Perhaps Dane's already back at the camp? However, this hope was a desperate one, and Falcon knew it. Wherever Dane was, he clearly didn't want to come back. Or he couldn't come back.

I'll look again later, Falcon tells himself, I'll come back and check again later. He's bound to turn up sometime right?


The End

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