Hurts so muchMature

Eternal has to stop putting a hand out to clutch the wall while the other clutches her chest. She keels over.

Its hurts. It hurts so much. Why...... Why now?

"Eternal!" Alec's voice shouts getting closer. She turns to face him. "Eternal what's wrong?"

He stops breathing heavily in front of her. She looks away from him pulling out the ring. She rolls it between her thumb and first finger of her right hand.

"You going to wear it again?" Alec asks. Eternal looks up at his hopeful face and feels so terrible. Deep down terrible.

Cause I know I don't love him...... that I never can love him. The path of my life has been set. Eternal's thoughts are said and they hurt her.

"No" Eternal says taking his hand and pressing the ring into it. "I cant do this Alec..... I love you but...." She chokes back a sob.

Alec looks down and the ring in his hand. "You're not in love with me, right?" he says smiling slightly pained.

He looks straight at me and puts a hand to Eternal's cheek. "Don't cry, E" he says wiping away the tear with his thumb.

"I saw straight away where your heart lie now"..... Then he smiles.

I've hurt him.... thats the only thought in Eternal's head as she watches him walk away.

Eternal turns and goes to her cavern she can't even face Falcon even with the news.

The End

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