Falcon doesn't move out of the tent for several minutes. He can hear yelps of consternation from outside, notably Alec. Evidently Eternal didn't stop running even for him. A cold malicious satisfaction cackles in the back of his mind, but it does nothing to help the terrible pain that courses through every fibre of his being.

Eventually the cries die away and people move off, one or two pausing outside the tent, but none entering. Evidently they know their leader won't want any attention at this stage. And they're right.

Falcon sits down on the bed, legs suddenly too weak to support his weight. His whole world appears to have come crashing down around him, all his hope in tatters. His heart has been broken just as fast as it was set alight, leaving him with nothing but a black void of emptiness eating away at him. What' worse is that he's put not only himself but every other person here in danger. And for what? He thought he was helping them, keeping a terrible weapon out of the hands of their foes. Now he sees how selfish that was, and what's worse even Eternal has betrayed him. Falcon wishes he had someone to talk to, someone who would understand this mess, who would help him. He needed his best friend. But he too was gone, chased away by Falcon's delusion. A delusion that he should have known would never be worth it.

I've got to find Dane, thinks Falcon. I have to apologise. I can't do this on my own, I need help. This is just too much of a mess for me to fix alone.

Unsteadily Falcon gets to his feet, wipes away the tears that lurk at the corner of his eyes and, slowly, makes his way out of the tent. He sees Alec bolting off, calling Eternal's name as he goes. Good luck to him, Falcon thinks bitterly. He can have her. Turning in the opposite direction to Alec's retreating back, Falcon heads towards the camp, hoping someone knows where Dane's gone. However, something still tugs at him as he walks away, calling to him. He pushes it aside, refusing to let himself think like that.

He wasn't going to fall for that trick again.

The End

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