Body taken.... but Heart is your'sMature

"So" Falcon says turning to face me. "That kiss was a lie"

Eternal clicks her fingers and a shield surrounds the tent. "No" She whispers. Falcon turns to face her clearly upset.

"Then tell me.... how are you engaged?" he whispers.

"Have you never been in love before" Eternal whispers looking up at him. His jaw twitches.

"I tried a relationship and it didn't work out" he says straight forwardly. Eternal looks directly into his eyes. 

"When were you going to tell me?" Falcon whispers.

"I didn't think he would find me again" Eternal whispers. She digs into her pocket and pull out the flower stoned ring.

"Thats it right..... the cause of this" Falcon hisses. He looks away and his hands clench into fists. Eternal shoves it back into her pocket and walk over rreaching up to place a hand on his cheek.

"I cant change the past...... I cant hurt him either" She whispers. "But know this. My body maybe taken... his...... but" She sucks it a sharp breath. "My heart will always be your's"

She reaches up on her tip toes kisses him and races out the tent throwing down the shield. She runs straight past Alec cause she doesn't want him to see theses tears she's crying.

The End

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