A NaturalMature

Eternal stood stund for a second. Her heart was still flipping in pounding in her chest. But then she came back to reality and raced off down the tunnel after Falcon.

The whole group wear standing defensively swords drawn. Then Eternal saw who they were pointing there swords at. "Alec" She squeals scrambling through the crowd and throwing herself at him.

She wraps her arms around his neck and keeps her legs bent off the floor. She feels the radiating shock behind her. "Hey, E" he whispers burying his face in Eternal's neck he holds her close and spins her round.

He then drops Eternal back to the floor. They see the group have lower there weapons slightly. Then Falcon steps to the front.

"Do you know him?" he asks seeming slightly jealous. Eternal blushes and looks away guiltily.

"Does she know me?" Alec says shocked. "Dude, she my fiancee"

"What?" Falcon says shocked. He looks at Eternal and she looks up at him. You can see the pain in his eyes.

"Before I got captured I had a chance at life. I met Alec.... he's a scientist.... a natural at it"  Eternal mumbles. "He proposed two weeks before I was captured"

Falcon gawks shocked then snaps his mouth shut and looks round at the crowd. "Lets discuss this in the tent" he says sternly.

He marches towards it and Eternal gulps back a sob. Alec takes her hand unaware of the problem. They reach the tent and she puts a hand to his chest.

"Let me just have a word with him" Eternal says then escapes into the tent where Falcon is waiting.

The End

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