Fire, Ice and a New CertaintyMature

Falcon had no idea what had triggered his actions, but his mind was now so utterly lost in the kiss he didn't even pause to think about it. He feels Eternal stiffen, then gradually relax and he pulls her closer against him. The sensation going through him is nothing like he's ever felt before. It's like a wildfire running rupshot over an icefield, a sudden surge of emotion that both burns and freezes all at once. He can't think, all thoughts seem to have dissolved in the passion of the moment. Then, as suddenly as it happened, he pulls away.

He looks at Eternal, mind whirling and heart alight with love for her. So this is it, he thinks, this is what that instinct was. I'm not going mad. I'm in love. His gaze meets hers, looking deep into their violet depths, looking for some hint of how she feels. For a moment neither of them makes a sound, both just stand there staring into each other's eyes.

Then, as if released from a spell, Falcon drops his gaze,

"I'm sorry," he mumbles, "I didn't mean to..."

He trails off, running out of words to describe what has just happened. But there is one thing he is sure of, one thing that's lurked in the back of his mind all this time and has only now come into the light. There's no way he's letting her go on alone. Whatever happens, he'll be going with her.

Then something clatters at the other end of the tunnel. Falcon whips around, hand going to his sword hilt. Realising he's still holding Eternal's wrist, he drops it and looks back down the tunnel.

"I should go," he says, bolting down the tunnel at full speed towards the noise. Leaving Eternal, stunned, alone in the tunnel behind him.

The End

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