We cant beMature

The sound of the vines and foilage being pushed aside. Eternal bolts up into a sitting position then jumps to her feet.

Then the music slowly fades away. Falcon stumbles through the foilage into the cavern and Eternal turns away. He walks up to her from behind and places a hand on her shoulder.

"What is it?" Eternal asks looking down at the floor.

"We need to talk..... When you were talking to Dane...... did you really mean it when you were talking about leaving?" Falcon asks having to take brakes and deep breaths.

Eternal turns to look at him.  Her heart leaps at the strange look on his face. He looks straight into her eyes. "Of course Falcon.... I can't stay here" She says sternly.

She looks back down at the floor. "Look Eternal my behaviour back there..... I just.... lost it" Falcon screws his mouth to the side.

"So? Its your choice what you do. I just made sure you wouldn't get in trouble about it" I say looking away. "I've done enough damage"

Eternal tries to walk past Falcon but he grabs her wrist making her freeze. She looks up and almost choaks.

Falcon seems shocked as well at the closeness then not giving Eternal a chance to understand brings his lips hard down on hers.

This can't be what he planned, Eternal thinks feeling her hands sneak up to hold his face.

The End

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