Disaster and DesolationMature

"Eternal! Wait, come back!"

Falcon calls after her, but she's already gone. He takes a few steps after her, but stops almost immediately. Something tells him she won't want to talk to him now. Not after the mess he's just made. He turns, looking for Dane, desperate to apologize, but Dane is long gone. Falcon groans and knuckles his forehead:

"Stupid fool," he mutters, "You stupid fool. Look at the mess you've made. What were you thinking?"

But no answer appears, and Falcon is left staring down the tunnel where Eternal has fled. He can hear music drifting softly through through the darkness and he aches to follow it. And yet, he knows that would be a bad idea. What would she think of him? Whatever damage he'd wrought on Dane, and it had obviously been bad juding from Eternal's reaction, would she be scared he'd do it again? Would she even speak to him? Would either of them so much as look him in the eye?

With a cry of despair, Falcon drops to his knees in the cavern and cries:

"Why? Why does all this have to happen now? And why me?"

The bare rock ceiling gives him no answer and for several minutes Falcon just sits there, motionless, lost in a void of desolation. Then, he got to his feet and set off down the tunnel after Eternal. There was no hope of catching Dane now, and even then he had no idea where he'd got to. But he had to explain. He had to make things right, even if it was only with Eternal. He couldn't leave this hanging.

He loved her too much for that.

The End

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