Eternal rushed out of the tent past Falcon who was frozen in the doorway. She couldn't deal with him right now. She ran over to Dane and knelt down next to him.

He struggled to try and get away from her which must be hard slumped against the wall out of breath with a broken rib. "Stop you'll make it worse" Eternal hisses.

Dave stops and glares at her. Eternal quickly rubs her hands together gavering energy then softly presses them to Dane's right ribs.

He winces and Eternal hears Falcon turn to watch behind them. Then almost as soon as she put them to his ribs she snatches them away.

Dane jumps to to his feet and backs away from her. "Don't ever touch me again witch" he hisses his eyes narrowing smaller.

Eternal's brow creases and she stands up. "Why do you hate me so? You're not the only one who knows I need to leave"

She knows Falcon is listening behind her but she doesnt care.

"Then..... Why do you stay?" Dane says. At first he looked confused but now only angry.

"Thats why I went to the lake..... I needed something so I could make sure that you were safe before I leave..... I need to work out a new way now" Eternal whispers.

She turns on her heels and runs through the main cavern. She sneaks down a pathway to find her secret cavern and makes sure to fill the gap up behind her with leaves, vines and foilage.

She slumps to the cavern floor gasping. Then she curls up on the ground. Why doesn't anyone help her?

Its not like she means  them harm. In fact she's trying to help them the only people who seem to trust her are Falcon and Mary.

Eternal begins to cry.... not heavy sobbing just quiet tears sliding down her cheek. Then music fills the air around her along with small fireflies sparking into life.


The End

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