"Nothing" Eternal snaps then she turns over so her back is to Falcon. She can feel him raise his eyebrow from across the room.

Wrong reaction. Besides what can she say that wont break her promise...... 'Its a object of power...... but I cant tell you what it does'

Yeah thats a brilliant description..... Not! Eternal rolls her eyes to herself then fidgets slightly.

Slowly she passes into deep sleep..... Only to movements later bolt up into a sitting position.

In facts its probably hours. The tent and the Cavern outside is silent. Etenal looks down at Falcon sleeping face.

He's obviously uncomfortable. Eternal jumps up then walks over to kneel next to him.

She creates a pillow sliding it under his head. He moans a bit which makes Eternal freeze in her task. When he settle down she quickly finished it and jumps up.

She creates a thick blanket and puts it over him. He fidgets pulling the blanket tighter around him.

Wait.... what am I doing? Eternal thinks suddenly to herself, I cant get too attatched.

Thats what her dreams are warning her about that She has to avoid all this...... connecting. Wait........

Oh god no. "I can't be" Eternal gasps.

No, I can't be in love with him, but one word continues to echo through her head and she knows that she is.

The End

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