Well if this isn't awkward, thinks Falcon as he shoves the towel back into the bag. He can hear muttering coming from outside and knows the others are watching. He knows they've been freaked out by this whole experience. There's going to be call for some major explanations in the morning. It had been hard enough dissuading them from pestering him this time, only the fact that they still respected him as a leader had prevented that. Rowan had probably spread the story around the camp while they were under the lake.

Dane's going to throttle me in the morning, Falcon think dejectedly. He's not going to be happy about this latest exploit, or the fact that Eternal was involved again. The pale-eyed warrior clearly didn't trust the girl and the fact that Falcon was putting both his own life and those of all their friends on the line to defend her was not going down well with him. But again, that could wait for morning.

Once the other voices had cleared off, Falcon turns away and begins to make himself comfortable on the floor of the tent a short distance from the bed. Eternal looks at him in a confused manner. He shrugs:

"Chivarly dictates that the lady gets the bed. Besides, I'm used to this."

Eternal raises an eyebrow sceptically, Falcon simply rolls his eyes and shifts his position slightly. Now he feels just as stupid as he looks. This really isn't turning out to be his day.

"So," he says, after a long moment of silence, "What's so special about this Orb you're after?"

The End

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