Run... or swim?Mature

Eternal knew Falcon was lying the only problem was would Keni buy it. "Hmph, They try and get in here and they'll die"

Oh bang goes that idea. Eternal throws out her palm and the whole place freezes in time except for her and Falcon.

"Come on" Eternal hisses. She drags him out of the palace.

"What about the orb?" Falcon asks as he swims behind her. She realises she's still holding his hand and lets go blushing.

It allows Falcon to catch up with Eternal's fast swimming place. "I'm not risking our lives for it....... I'll just do it myself"

"How will..... Wait how are we breathing?" Falcon asks panicking slightly.

"I'm allowing us air" She says. They burst through to the surface and she sees several people on the coast. "You go first"

Falcon looks at her then nods. When Eternal gets on to the shore Falcon's finished discussing whatever with Dane.

"Come on" He takes Eternal by the elbow and leads her through the crowd. They watch her carefully.

Great, my fault on this, she thinks to herself, No trust or anything. Eternal sighs and Falcon looks back at her for a second.

He leads them into a set up tent, once they get in he motions to the bed and goes off to a bag.

Eternal sits down on the fold out camper bed and only then she realise that she's shivering. "Here" 
Eternal looka up at Falcon. He holds out a towel, She takes it and wrap it round herself.

Eternal notices he has one his self and finds herself watching him as he dries his hair. He stops and catches her looking.

Eternal looks away blushing. She hears the bed creak next to her and she looks to see him sitting down at the other end.

"Hope you don't mind this is the place a sleep in" Falcon says smiling. Eternal swallows nervously and looks away blushing.

The End

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