Twisting the TruthMature

Falcon looks from the fishman to Eternal and back again, trying desperately to think of a plan. Unfortunately, being at the bottom of a lake confronted by an angry merman with an army of others waiting just ouside the door and getting increasingly desperate for air is not the best position to be making demands from. What's worse, he realises, is that he has no bargaining tools.

But that doesn't mean he can't twist the truth a bit...

"Tell me what this Orb is." Falcon snaps at the merman.

"Why would I do that?" The merman replies sarcastically, "It's none of your business human! I could have you killed before you could so much as breathe."

"But I doubt my friends would like that." says Falcon. The merman turns,


"Oh, did I forget to mention?" Falcon grins nastily at the merman, "I didn't come down here on my own. I brought some friends along. They're not far off you know."

"What the-" Eternal begins, but Falcon nudges her and she's quiet.

"What friends do you mean?" the merman asks suspiciously.

"Whyever would you worry about some puny humans?" Falcon hisses at the merman. "After all, there's only twenty or so of us..."

The End

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