How to get the orb?Mature

Eternal fidgeted then an idea struck her. "How's that gonna work then when I control everything in this room?"

She smiles slightly but it fades at Keni's next remark. "And how does that help you with getting the orb. I mean I wasn't asking much"

Falcon fidgets and Eternal looks at him. Why is he so protective of a kiss? Its not much of a big deal.

Although, Eternal is happy avoiding having to kiss a half fish. Who wouldn't? Well, except there own species.

"I could have gotten the orb when I first came in here" Eternal notes her smile returning. "Only I chose not to make enemy's and an orb is a very precious piece of equiptment"

"What is an Orb?" Falcon asks looking back at Eternal over his shoulder. She opens her mouth to answer but Keni jumps in.

"That is no buisness of a human. He has no right to know"

Eternal shrugs. "Sorry, I also did swear to the mer who told me of the orb that I would keep it to myself"

The orb. A object that can grant anyone a wish they desire. Only one wish a week though.

Eternal could do what she needs to do with magic but.... she needs the magic to be stable which she cant provide at this point in time. Falcon and his group deserve peace.

And Eternal's gonna get it for them.

The End

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