Falcon glares at the merman, wishing he wasn't semi-drowned so he could beat the heck out of him. The merman seems surprised, but Falcon knows he wouldn't stand a chance if he calls in the guards. However, there is no way he is going to step aside for this fish. Again, he has no idea why he's putting his neck on the line, but it's that instinct again. Don't let him near her, it says, he shouldn't be touching her.

Am I going mad? What am I thinking? And what does that slimy git want with a kiss? Falcon thinks, still staring the merman down. The merman glares back at him, his gaze constantly flickering back to Eternal.

"Step aside human," he says, speaking as if to an unsavoury piece of offal. Falcon doesn't move.

"I said, step aside!" The merman hisses. "Don't make me call the guards in. You'd be dead before you could breathe. Put the weapon down and get out of the way!"

Make me you stinking haddock, Falcon thinks, still not saying a word. The merman sighs and turns to Eternal.

"I recommend you make him move," he snarls, "Or my guards will carve you both to ribbons."

The End

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