Eternal fidgets. Then she gasps. She runs across the hall, at least this place has air. "How the hell did you get down here?" She asks.

She bats away the guards then turns to Keni. "Let him go" Eternal demands. Keni raises an eyebrow and all the mer look at there king.

"Why? Give me one good reason" He says leaning forward.

"Cause otherwise I'll rip this palace in half" Eternal says baring her teeth. Keni sits up suddenly.

"Release him...... And erase his memory" Keni says with a smile.

"No!" I shout. I turn and kick the guy approaching Falcon in the head.

I push Falcon behind. "Keep your sword in you sheath and stay behind me" I hiss at him.

He nods silently. I can tell he's tired. His whole body is slumping and lacking any strength.

"Well well, very protective of this human" Keni says standing up from his throne. All the mer bow except for the guards who keep there spears aimed at Falcon even though I'm in front of him.

"Lets call this a truce" Keni says gesturing to the guards to lower there spears. Which they do with out hesitation?

"Fine.... now back to the conditon on which I get to... borrow the orb"

"Leave!" Keni shouts to his mer. They're gone quickly. Falcon shifts behind me. "The condition is you give me a kiss"

Before I know it I behind Falcon and he has his sword drawn.

What the hell??? Why did he react that way..... its only a kiss...... Although my first.......

The End

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