In Hot PursuitMature

"She did what?!"

Falcon gaped at Rowan, who shifts uneasily under his leader's gaze. He nods, chewing his lip and wanting to leave, knowing Falcon isn't taking kindly to the news. Falcon himself grinds his teeth and mutters under his breath.

"Stupid girl," he hisses, "Didn't I tell her about the stinking lake? And what does she do, she goes and jumps straight into it. Idiot!"

Still muttering furiously, Falcon gets to his feet and strides off in the direction of the lake cavern. Rowan follows nervously at his heels, unsure whether or not to be there. He stops just in front of the lake, it's mirror-like surface as smooth and undisturbed as black marble.

"I'll bet she's gone right to the bottom too." Falcon mutters furiously, "What the hell is she thinking?"

With that, he wades into the water, stopping just as it reaches his knees. He knows Eternal's under there, and something's telling him he should be there too. Rowan stands on the side, utterly aghast and opening and closing his mouth like a landed fish. Shivvering in the icy water, Falcon takes a deep breath and dives under the water. From above he hears Rowan yelp in alarm, but he ignores it and dives down into the depths. He can't hold his breath forever, he knows it, but instinct leads him to where he thinks Eternal to be. No matter how irrational his actions are - and he knows he's probably making the biggest mistake of his life  doing this - that instinct is tugging at him again.

As he dives deeper, Falcon begins to see flickers of movement ahead. Hoping there's an air bubble somewhere ahead, he forges on. As he draws closer, he slows his pace and tries to move as quietly as possible. Finally, under a shallow alcove, he finds a tiny airspace and takes several gasping breaths. However, when he ducks back under, he finds himself confronted by a set of nasty-looking spears, each held by an equally surly merman.

Oh crap...

The End

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