Castle of MerMature

Not what I was thinking, Eternal's thoughts whisper slightly unhappy.

She walks into the mainhall of the Mer castle. She was brought her by the Mer Soldiers.  They follow her now spear tip pressed into her back.

"What is a Human doing in Mer waters?" The king shouts rising from his throne. In fact he looks more like a prince then a king.... so young.

"I need to use your Orb" Eternal says sternly. The tip pressed tighter into her back and she gaspes. She ducks down then up yanking the spear from the strong Mer's fingers.

"Stop that" She hisses. She feels the staff crumble in her hands and hears gasps of shock around her.

Eternal turns and walk up to the Mer king. "This is of great importance and I don't take kindly to being threated" She says.

The Mer King looks back. "You're quite fiesty aren't you.... come I will show you too it alone"

Eternal follows the king. He passes guards who stand to attention as he passes.

"The name is Keni by the way, yours?" he comes to a stop infront of a gold enlayed oak door.


"Nice to meet you. I will allow you in on one condition" Keni Smiles and its obvious he has a trick up his sleeve.

"What condition?" Eternal asks nervous.

"To-" A horn goes off and they both quickly turn to the noise of the sound. "Seems someone came in after you"

The End

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