Eternal fell into sleep without knowing. But as soon as she fell asleep dreams attacked her..... or nightmares.

Flames burned around cold frozen spikes and Falcon and the soldiers were running. Running away from it. Safe but at the last moment Falcon stopped and turned back to look up at a ridge.

The fact they were safe gave Eternal a warm strength but then she saw herself on the ridge. Watching the burning. Watching the pain. She was just stood there.......

Then Eternal watched herself being stabbed. Then Falcon's voice echoed through the pain and fighting "Eternal!!!"

Eternal sat up. The cave was quiet.

She stood up losing the shield. She needed to leave. She couldn't stay. Her staying brought that future more into focus.

She knew where she was heading. She raced through the main cavern then to the tunnel leading to the lake.

The way down was steep but light on her feet she made it down. She clicked her fingers and caught the flame in her palm keeping it burning.

She reached the lake and looked down at the lake. It's water was dark and murky.

She knelt and let her eyes scan across the water. She heard feet behind her and she took a deep breath. She stood up. "Here goes nothing"

She takes a step back run up and performs a perfect dive. She looks around. She creates an air pocket round her mouth and nose.

Then she swims deep. "What are you doing here?"

Eternal turns and smiles looking at the Mer soldiers. "I'm looking for help.... you have an orb right?"

The End

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