As the group listened to the music drifting over from the darkened dome where Eternal lay, Falcon noticed a variety of expressions frozen on their faces. Some listened with awe to the beauty of the notes, others seemed to relax and lose themselves in the music and still others looked downright confused as to what was going on. On the other hand, the faces of one or two betrayed fear and suspicion. Evidently they thought this was one of the spells this "sorceress" was supposedly using to affect them in some way. Falcon simply stands there, listening and letting his mind mull over the problem at hand.

If Frost forces had invaded this part of the land, how long would it be before Blaze retaliated? If so, where and when would it take place? And should they move on to avoid it, running the risk of getting caught, or stay here and risk being caught in the caves? It was a double-edged sword, either way they went they ran a terrible risk.

And then there was the other issue. The issue of Eternal herself. If Frost knew of her existance, then they could be facing twice the difficulty of staying unnoticed. He'd have to think about this one. As the music continued to play, Falcon takes advantage of everyone's distraction and nudges his deputy's shoulder.

"Come on," he says, "tell me everything. I need to know what's going on. If Frost is here, we're going to need another plan."

Leaving their soldiers transfixed and muttering amongst themselves, the two men move off to a small side-cavern, the music still floating hauntingly in the air around them.

The End

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