No UnderstandingMature

Eternal was tired now. She felt slightly worried about Falcon.

He seemed a bit scarred of her. Well, the reason was a good one. Eternal was laid down on the floor curled up and orb around her tinted.

She heard a knocking. "I need to be alone Mary" Eternal sighs.

"But... Okay" Mary walks off leaving Eternal to her thoughts.

She needed to think about- Crash!

"Frost's border has taken serveral metres into the unclaimed land"

Eternal sits up and looks over at Falcon who looks slightly angry and worried. But it wasn't him who had shouted it was Dane.

Well, that Eternal suspected. Frost at the moment has been a lot stronger pardoning their 'weakness'.

A women on the throne is still considered a weakness even though the armys are full with many types of soldiers.

Yes, more likely a women to be at the home than the man. Eternal watches calmly leaning back against the walls of the orb.

She needed sleep but this seemed more interesting. She wanted something to fill her mind with thoughts. Of course she had the worry of Falcon thinking bad about her but that was miner.

The commotion died down and was moved off. Eternal pouted then rolled over. She clicked her fingers and a flute appeared in her hands.

She began to play and she knew the soft tune echoed out of the orb.

People turned to listen and Falcon and the other soldiers stepped back out the listen.

Eternal always loved to play.

The End

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