Awe and FearMature

Move! Go on, move!

Falcon's mind hisses at him to turn and run, but all he can do is stand there, utterly shocked and marvelling. I knew it, he thinks, I knew it all along. I knew she was special. From the first moment he'd seen her, from the first moment he'd felt that strange ethereal energy radiating from her, he'd known it. It was just like that strange certainty that had taken hold of him on the battlefield. This girl was nothing like he had ever seen before. An instinct had awoken in him. Help her. Help her in any way you can. She could be your last hope.

And yet, at the same time, this power terrified him. Never before had he known anything like this, nothing with the power to control time and space itself. Who knows what this girl was capable of. She could kill every man, woman and child here with a flick of her wrist if she wanted to. Or could she?

Suddenly, Falcon snaps out of his trance. Eternal looks at him strangely, as if wondering what's wrong with him. The russet-haired leader shakes his head figorously and, with a grunt of a acknowledgement, turns back down the passageway. As he walks off, he turns and calls back:

"Watch out for that lake. Remember, we don't know what's down here. Be careful."

Yeah right, he thinks to himself, it's not her that needs to be careful. It's the rest of us who should watch our backs. Returning to the light, noise and bustle of the main space, Falcon removes himself to a far corner and sits down, puzzling over what he has seen in his mind. He needs to figure this out, it's all too much for one man to deal with. The only problem is, who to talk to? Nobody would believe him, even Dane who'd known him since childhood, would think he'd gone completely round the twist if he told him. No, he'll keep this secret. For now anyway.

An almighty clattering from the cave entrance alerts him to the return of the scouts. He strides over to meet them, regaining his leader-like composure.

"Well," he asks, "What did you see?"

The End

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