Eternal snuck off. She found a tunnel and at the end a crack which lead into another cavern. It gave her the right amount of space to practice.

She took a deep breath then sat down. She folded her arm and rested her arms in her lap. She closed her eyes and her body rised in to the air.

She didn't notice Falcon sneak into the room and watch with awe.

An orb of images filled the cavern. Many realities flickering, Many times, Just many places.

"Wow" Falcon gasped. Eternals eyes snap open and she turned her head to look at him.

"I wanted to be alone" she says calmly.

"Oh, sorry" he says.

"No matter" Eternal says smiling. She flicks a hand at the crack vines filling it. "What do you think?"

Eternal gestures the images floating in and out among others.

"Its..... unbelievable" Falcon whispers.

Eternal snaps her fingers and the history of this world comes into focus. "Pick a time" she says.

"Um, the start of the war" he says.

Eternal clicks her fingers then stands on her feet. She looks around at the battle field. On one side stands the Blaze's and the other the Frost's.

"Wow, are... this is just a vision right? A figment of imagination" Falcon says and its shows he's slightly worried.

"Of course... I wouldn't do time travel again after the last time.... thats what got me caught. I was born and traveled backwards and got captured. Paradox it caused, I prevented my brith" Eternal sighs. "I became a figment in time and Space not meant to be there but still existing"

"Impossible" Falcon whispers.

"Improbable" Eternal says. Then the vision fades and they stand in front of each other back in the cavern.

"You should-"

"Go, yeah" but he doesn't move.

What is he waiting for? Eternal thinks.

The End

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