It took a long while to clear the battlefield, a lot longer than Falcon would have liked. Having buried members of their own fallen, not particularly ceremoniously but buried none the less, they set about salvaging anything of use from the bodies of their fallen enemies. They took only what they could carry, little more than a couple of helmets and a handful of couins, and destroyed the rest as rapidly as they could. Having completed this task, Falcon turns his force back into the trees and they beat a hasty retreat from the battlefield.

Once back in the trees, Falcon starts looking for signs. He knows not to bother with tracks, even the youngest among his people know how to cover those, but hunts for deliberate signs that he knows Dane will have left. Soon they are moving deeper into the trees, the canopy blocking out most of the sunlight and the dry bracken crunching ominously underfoot. Almost everyone moves silently, all straining their ears for sounds of pursuit. Although the Blazes are gone, there could be almost anything lurking in these trees. No management of any kind has been applied to this place since the start of the war and now the forest grows wild and all manner of strange beasts take refuge in it's depths. Sometimes the company halt, holding perfectly still, listening to crunching bark or the skitter of small feet in the leaflitter. Everyone's weapons remain in their hands, ready for attack from any side.

Eventually, there comes a low birdcall from high in the branches of a tree. Falcon returns the call, and none other than Dane leaps out of the high branches, landing cat-like at his leader's feet.

"Took you long enough."he says, tossing a few strands of white-blond hair out of his face. "Follow me."

The End

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