"What are you doing?" Eternal gasps coming back to back with Falcon.

"Helping you" his sword clashes with a blaze one and begins to melt. He kicks out the man stumbling back.

Eternal twirls her sword and jump kicks knocking a guys out. "Oh and here I thought I said don't wait up"

"You did" Falcon says cutting the man he's in battle with arm. Eternal stabs down into the man she knocked out. She mumbles a prayer then turns to face Falcon.

"You need to leave" Eternal says. He faces her and She stabs behind him killing the man.

"No" Falcon says.

Eternal moans.

"Marvolous you have back up"

Eternal turns missing Shadows face as he steps back. He laughs then looks around. "Such a waste" he sighs shaking her head. 

Eternal looks back quickly to see all Falcon's soldiers grouping up behind him and her.

"You should go back Shadow" Eternal says. "Out numbered I think"

"Hmm, quite so" He smiles. "See you later, Eternal"

Then Fire engulfs him and when it fades he is gone. Eternal turns to face Falcon.

"What the hell were you thinking?" She shouts. But he runs off to a fallen soldier. A female.

She hears soft words then watches as he closes the dead womens eyes. "We need to move off" he says getting to his feet. "You're joining us"

"No choice, eh? Fine" Eternal says shrugging.

Falcon sheaths his sword and Eternal drops hers it turning to dust.

"Quite a useful gift" Falcon mutters.

"That it is"

The End

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