Falcon watches Eternal race off, and feels his gut clenching. Something is telling him that he should be with her, that she's important somehow. On the other end of the scale, there's his instinct to protect his people. He deliberates for a few moments before turning back to Dane.

"We can't let her fight alone. Take those who are unable to fight and find somewhere to hide until we return. Make sure it's out of Blaze territory, even go into Frost lands if you have to. I'll call you when and if you're needed."

Dane looks at him in utter consternation, "Are you insane? You'll get yourself killed, and for what?"

"Dont' question me!" Falcon snaps back, "Just get out of here before they reach the camp. Move!"

Shaking his head in disbelief, Dane calls the younger members of the party together, as well as a couple of soldiers for a rearguard and they race off into the trees, the horses cantering after them. Falcon leads his remaining soldiers, Rowan, Catherine and Bria among them, towards the sound of clashing blades. They move stealthily, flanking the party and lying low, waiting for a signal.

"Now!" Falcon cries and the eight renegades hurl themselves into the Blaze forces, taking several of them off guard and causing instant panic.

I hope this girl knows what she's doing, thinks Falcon as he tussles with a Blaze swordsman, if not, we won't live to see another sunset.

The End

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