Eternal felt Mary run out of the dome but she did not get up herself. In fact she was frozen. For about three minutes.

She jumps up quickly when she can the dome flickering then fading. People turn to watch her as she runs to a trees.

She stops in front of it then takes three steps back. She feels everyone watching her and can see the leader from the corner of her eye frozen in packing.

Then without hesitation she runs up the tree trunk and hoists herself up on the highest sturdy branch. Her eyes scan the forest below.

"Shit" she hisses seeing the flame swords of the Blaze army. Well a small group. Eternal backflips off the branch landing in a crouch on the ground below.

Then she turns and runs over to the leader who has begun his packing again. "About twelve Blaze soldiers fully equipted. We're gonna get burned" Eternal tells him.

He opens his mouth to speak but Dane, Eternal thinks interupts him. "She's right and we know what they're after"

He glares at Eternal who calmly looks back. "I will go east..... You should go west"

"So you are leaving?"

"You would put your troops in danger"

Falcon looks at her calmly for a second then Mary jumps in. "I'm going with her where ever she goes"

Eternal looks at the girl shocked as does Dane and Falcon. "You can't your mother wanted you here" Falcon says sternly.

"I don't care I'm staying with her"

Eternal suddenly turns quickly a sword forming in her right hand. A thin blade but it glows brightly.

"They're here" she says turning back to them. "Mary go with them.... And don't wait up"

With those words Eternal runs off to meet the soldiers before they reach the camp. Oh, and guess whose leading them.

"Ah, ready for a fight?"

"Always am Shadow"

The End

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