The crowd round. So close Eternal feels slightly clostraphobic. "Um, I need space" she mutters.

They don't hear her. There talking to each other about her but not too her. "Um Space" she mumbles again.

Then she groans and bangs. I circular orb creates itself around her forcing all the soldiers back. Eternal sits down sighing.

Her limbs ache and now she might have a bit off a headache. "She's a witch"

"A sorceress"

Eternal moans lying down against the orb. Its warm inside it. With a flash of thought it becomes stable and the walls of the orb darken so she can see out but not them in.

"I'm not a flipping sorceress" she mumbles. "These lot are as bad as King Hothead and his brigade of fat arsed soldiers"

She hears a laugh. She looks to her left to see a young girl sat next to her. A.... a child?

"Can I come in?" she asks nicely. Eternal opens a section of the orb closing it when the girls fully in.

"Mmm, its nice a warm" the girl says sitting down. "Hi, I'm Mary. Mary Angelie"

"Eternal" They shake hands there being just enough space for the young girls to do so. (Well, body wise)

"So what are you then if not a sorceress?" Mary asks tilting her head. Her blond curls falling around her face calmly.

"I don't know.... but I don't cast Spells and curses like sorceresses do" Eternal sighs.

"My mother was a soldier here..... she died. I was raised by Catherine over there. She brought you in with the leader"

"Yeah, one of the three that found me first"

Mary turns her head and smiles sweetly her blue eyes sparkling. "You seem to have to much beauty to be raised among soldiers" Eternal remarks.

Mary sighs. "My father was a soldier, My mother a Lady. When my father died my Mother excaped with this group to keep my fathers memories alive"

At this point she looks up. The stars shining brightly.

"Well, that is a good way" Eternal says smiling. Mary smiles back.

"We must sleep.... I could show you the cabin?"

"I'll sleep in here"

"Can I stay aswell?"


Eternal clicks her fingers and two blankets weave themselves into existance along with two small pillows.

"Thank you" Mary says curling up tightly. Eternal smiles then curls up herself.

The End

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