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As the group wander on through the dark, the lead figure chews his knuckles, brow creased in thought. He knows what he's doing is dangerous and could possibly get all his people killed. The Blazes won't take kindly to the loss of their captive, but he's sure he can't let her fall back into their hands. He's seen what damage the Blazes can do, many of his own people have suffered terribly at their hands. Not that the Frost are much better.

Eternal continues to hum to herself as they wind through the trees. One of the male soldiers, Rowan he thinks it is, won't stop glaring at her. He's jumpy, always looking around as if the very shadows themselves might leap out at him. His two companions aren't much better, watching the girl as if she might fly at their throats. Not that he would put it past her. Dane has disappeared again, as he often does. The leader knows he won't be far off, but he feels nervous about letting the pale-eyed warrior stray too far. All of a sudden, the relative safety of the woods doesn't feel so safe anymore.

Then, pushing aside a large clump of brambles, they come upon the camp. There are six others there, all crouched around a small fire and talking in low voices. A large pile of gear lies against the trunk of a tree and several horses are tethered a short way off. The six look up as the group enter, hands instinctively flying to weapon hilts, but relaxing again when they recognise their friends.

"Sorry we're late," says the leader, nodding to the group. "We had some complications getting back."

"If by complications you mean almost got ourselves caught." Comes a sarcastic voice from the corner. The leader glares at Dane, who lurks a short way off, semi-obscured in shadows.

Eternal clears her throat, and the leader looks back at her.

"This," he says, gesturing to her, "is Eternal. She's been the prisoner of the Blazes these past years. She's the one we've been hearing about."

"The sorceress?" Rowan gasps, taking several hasty steps away from his charge. The others look equally as nervous, shifting away from the girl. From behind his back, the leader hears Dane snicker.

"Sorceress or no, she's our guest." he says firmly. "Now, find her a place and get some rest. It'll be an early start in the morning, the Blazes will be searching the forest. Goodnight."

With that he turns and strides off across the clearing, leaving his bemused soldiers standing behind him. Dane follows, still snickering under his breath. As the leader begins to crawl into his makeshift shelter, his second-in-command hisses after him:

"Smooth move Falcon. Very smooth."

Falcon snarls an insult at Dane, who laughs again before walking off. He can hear sounds coming from where his soldiers are talking to Eternal. Or, he thinks cynically, talking about her. He sighs, this is going to get complicated.

The End

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