Will you stop that!Mature

Eternal hums quietly, her hands are up behind her head as she looks up at the sky. She walks calmly.

I'll escape if need be, she thinks to herself.

"Will you stop that!" One of the male soldiers shouts. She looks at him.

"Stop what?" Eternal asks innocently.

"That humming" the soldier says through his teeth. She shrugs then continue to walk and hum.

"Right that it"

He draws his sword and the others jump back. Eternal remains still lowering her hands from her head and standing straight.

"You don't want to do that" she says calmly and she know her eyes flash violet.

"We're incharge you listen to our orders if you want to live" he says sternly.

Eternal laughs. "I escaped the Blaze Palace boy" she flashes a smile, its sort of playful. "I think I can deal with you"

"How about me?" a man jumps down sword draws. His stance is strong.

"We were meant to stay quiet" Two other soldiers jump down. One of them steps forwards. A man.

"Leader" the soldiers that captured me say. They move to stand in a line behind Eternal who remains facing the man straight.

"Ah, so you are our lot. We needed to check. Hard to see in the dark" he says. "Lower your sword, Dane"

The male soldier holding the sword lowers it and slides it back into its sheath.

"You're the escaped prisoner from the Blaze castle correct" the leader of the group asks.

"Correct. Not a fabulous place might I add the food is a nightmare. The condition of the place now be worse....... Hmm, maybe I should wash I'm a bit dirty"

Eternal looks down at her mud and grass stained breaches.

"This is so I know if the stories are true.... How long have you been imprisoned?"

"132 years. 2 years longer that the stupid triffle of a war"

She hears the intake of breath then her tummy rumbles. "I'm hungry" she moans pouting.

The End

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