Unseen EyesMature

In the shadow of a derelict barn, three pairs of eyes watch the soldiers' every move. They don't make a sound, even their breathing seems hushed as they lie there, watching the strange girl who stands mere feet from their hiding place. One of the unseen figures shifts their position, the dry grass underfoot crunching slightly as they move. A sharp hiss comes from one of it's companions and it stops moving. It's too dark to see what is going on, but they can see that the girl has company.

As the soldiers begin to lead the girl off, the eyes follow, all locked on the black-haired girl in their midst. They do not know who she is, but have heard tell of her escape. To them, she exudes some strange power, a power they have never seen or felt the likes of before. They know she is dangerous, but also that she may need their help. When the party have finally disappeared into the night, the lead figure clears his throat and gets to his feet.

"Right," he says, tossing a few strands of russet brown hair out of his face, "this is going to complicate things slightly."

A derisive snort comes from one of the other figures, a second man, smaller than the first and with a pair of piercing eyes so pale they're almost white. The lead figure shoots him a glare, and his companion looks away, a snarl of discontent on his high-boned face.

"We're going to have to follow them," the leader continues, nodding to the third member of his party, still half-obscured in shadows. "Bria, follow me, Dane, you run ahead and keep an eye on them. Leave a trail for us to follow and we'll catch up with you soon. Remember, we aren't sure who these people are, so keep your distance."

"Why bother with the trail?" asks Dane, one eyebrow raised. "We know exactly where they're heading if they are who we think they are."

"I know that, but we can't be certain" says the leader, his dark gaze locking on Dane's misty one, "but I want you to keep tabs on the girl. If she tries anything strange, let me know. Stay out of sight."

With a grudging nod, Dane turns and races off into the dark, silver-blond hair whipping about his face as he vanishes after the girl and her escort. The dark-eyed leader sighs, turning back to the figure who stands at his shoulder.

"Come on," he says, "we've got a job to do."

The End

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