A child suddenly appears one night when the land is on the brink of war. Then as time past she is locked away people believing she is a sorceress. But she is much much more. Then one night she escapes . Running from the castle of Blazes she falls into a group of hidden soldiers.

The girl runs her black hair flicking around wildly even though its tied up in a ponytail it still reaches her hips. Her feet hit the ground hard as she runs. Her feet hurt. They hurt so much and she wonders why shes continuing to run.

Then she remembers. The cage, the cold bars and gushing winds as it hangs from a pole from the tower.

"Get her!" a guard shouts. Some of the unhoused humans turn to watch her run past nod brave enough to stop her.

She feels her skin begin to tingle and stops. "Yes" she whispers.

The guards stop far off knowing whats happening as well. "She's casting magic" one shouts.

"We need to stop her" shouts another. They take a step forward.

"Stay away or I'll use this to kill you instead of transportation" she says holding out a clenched fist.

"Oh, little Eternal" a voice says. So chilling it sends shivers down the girls spine. "You know we'll find you"

The man steps out of the shadows. Its Shadow. Perfect name for the guy seeming as a dark mist of shadow clings to him wherever he goes.

His hair is black as are his eyes which are souless. Eternal holds up her fists facing him in a defensive crouch.

"I'm not going back" she hisses.

 "Too bad cause it the name you've got" he says smiling revealing sharp teeth.

"Call off your toy soldiers and maybe we can talk" Eternal says sternly straightening up slightly. Her violet eyes stare into his without flinching which is hard to do.

"I don't think so Eternal" he says smiling.

"Well, like you said too bad" she says.

"No!" he shouts. But its to late. Space glitches and Eternal tumbles into a field 5 miles from the town. Also a bit slightly to close to the battle field for her comfort as well.

She stands up looking towards the scene. The field has large red blotches among the green which is dying rapidly. The soldiers figth among this mess and she shakes her head at it.

"What the point in this fight when I be the only one alive now who knows the real perpose?" she says shaking her head.

She turns and freeze a blade pointed towards her face.

"Oh" Eternal says simply. Standing before her a two men and a women..... all soldiers. "Please say your not guards"

They all laugh but the blade stays straight towards her.

"We should take her back to the leader" the women says.

"Yeah, he'll deffinetly be interested in a little sprite"  the man holding the blade says.

"I am not a sprite" Eternal fumes. Her clenched fists lit alight. "Ahh!"

She lifted her fist to the right away from her and calmed down.

"Sorry" she says smiling. "Oh, I've always wanted to say this. Take me to your leader"

Eternal laughs. The soldiers look at each other then shrug.

The End

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