a musing about time and what it is. Has become, or may be.

What is it that makes a person go mad?
Boredom repeated time and again?.
Having nothing with which to occupy the mind.
Or, is it to much stimulation of the mind
and not having enough time.
Long hours and languid moments that stretch the seconds.
Is it feigned helplessness. Not wanting
to do anything or peform a required task.
What would it mean to simply Stop?
To not talk, move or put forth an effort.
How long would it take for time to admit defeat?
Would he wrap around you thickly
moving sensously and slow?
pressing each second through your lips
Letting you taste just a breathe.
Would he grow bored quickly?
How long would it be for someone to notice that
you'd stopped.
How short would it be for time to move on?
Writhing around your ankles,
caressing his way to your thighs.
Holding you about the waist.
Slowly the voices in your ears become louder,
stoping the words from your mouth.
drawing gently all movement from your body.
Lessening your breathe to a millisecond,
entering you. Causing your heart to pound faster.
Faster. Harder.
How at odds, the struggle of your heart and ears.
To feel the dull vibrations
To hear the sound draw out and become longer
Building until you cant distinguish one from the next.
He moves your eyes
Looking around, he shows you images unseen before,
The full and complete crash of blinking
The wonderous light upon reopening your eyes.
Baring your soul to the world and all who would look.
To those who would simply Stop. See.
To  them that bear witness to  questions eternal
Moving on too quickly to see that time is coiled.
that he is wound, and will not tire.
Is Time envious of us? knowing that we can end but He must go on? Eternal.
Is He knowing and jealous, or curious as a child?
swatting us to stop, and sorry when we do.
When I end, will He hold me gently?
Will I know him?
Does He have paitence to let me discover him in all his glorious pause
Or will He torment me, so that I thrash and resist his determination.
Will He let me go?
Or simply pass me on.

The End

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