An Explanation to all and everything.
How we met with them for the first time and what the time means to them...

\"is there any other way\" He asked.., \"Maybe\" she said \" but we don\'t have time to find it\" It was agreed then to move forward with the plan. Plan if you can call it. They never had a leader to create a plan, an ideal plan. But which plan is ideal anyway. Which plan doesn\'t have flaws. And which action is really 100% according to the plan.
He lifted the box in his left hand and open the lid with a hesitating move. It was a green delivery box. They couldn\'t find anything better to keep it in. She also gave him a small needle with a golden emblem on it.
\"What happens after this, will be our fault\" He said.
\"But no one will ever know\" She replied.
With a bitter smile he put down the opened box and let the needle fall in it.
The thin metal reflected the bright sun and their excited faces, the golden emblem shone for the last time while tumbling in to the box.
-\"You know what is ironic?\" She asked.
-\"People , I mean if there will be any more of them in the future, they will think of it as a big deal\"
-\"They will never know you said?!!!\"
-\"Oh don\'t be silly, they will never know it was you, me and him who did it...\"
-\"But imagine once they start to be curious about the source, the origin...\"
-\"Uh huh, you mean the theories they can come up with\"
He closed the lid of the box once again and moved the box in the hole they dug up.
-\"any last words?\" he asked
-\"let there be light\" she said quickly as if she waited for this question for a very long time
-\"fair enough...\" he started to cover the box with dirt and mud. \"there shall be light all right\"
After the last rays of the sun stopped shining on the box, they felt the first tremor.
-\"its awake now\"
-\"it is, yes. It is time for us to sleep then\"
-\"time...I never felt so lonely\"
-\"you said is ironic.\"
And then there was light, and nothing else

The End

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