i have spent a thousand years looking for youMature

I have spent a thousand years looking for you.  I’ve chased ghosts and I’ve swum the seven seas and I’ve died on shipwrecks and I’ve lived on islands where I started bonfires every night hoping you would see them from the sky, see them because you, too, were looking for me.  This world is only so big and so small simultaneously; I will find you, no matter what nameless town the gods banish you to, no matter what reckless heart has you along for the ride, no matter what natural disaster separates us.  The earth could crack wide open and I would build a bridge.  She could spew lava and I would wait her out.  My love, I’m coming for you, across lifetimes and valleys and constellations.  When our atoms collide we’ll become a star again.

I want you to be the catalyst that sets me ablaze for a couple million years.

The End

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