Chapter 3: Esther

I walked through the mall, my arm through Mordechai's. I always enjoyed our days out. He's always busy, so we don't get to spend much time together. The time we do get is always fun.

I turned the corner and saw a man tacking a paper to a board. Curious, I pulled Mordechai over to look. What I saw took me by surprise.

"Young virgin girl wanted to show off at our grand Prime Minister Ahlex's  banquet. Must be pretty. Please sign up for the beauty pageant below."

I rolled my eyes and groaned for two reasons: one, the Prime Minister needed to hire a better person for advertisement. The poster was just plain boring and lame. And two, who would want to do a beauty pageant to be shown off to a bunch of drunk guys at a party anyways? Didn't Prime Minister  have a wife?

But apparently I was wrong. Every girl and her mother was signing up. (Literally. It was crazy. I kept asking myself why the moms were signing up, he asked for YOUNG VIRGINS, but whatever. People are crazy)

I gave Mordecai a look that said, gosh, what's wrong with people! But the look on his face was completely different. I dropped his arm and stood in front of him, waiting for him to catch my eye.

When he finally did, I wasn't prepared for what I heard.

"Esther, you should sign up."

I laughed, thinking, hoping, praying that we was kidding. One more look at him sobered me up. He wasn't. He was dead serious.

I took a deep breath and took his hand, searching his eyes for something, anything that would give away what he was thinking. But just as any other time, I couldn't decipher his look.

"Mordecai, why do you think I should do this?" I whispered calmly, suddenly scared for no reason.

He squeezed my hand, a comforting gesture. "I'm not sure exactly," he said, "but I know it's coming from God. You're meant to do this, Esther."

There was no arguing with that. I sighed once again and turned back to the paper. The forms were almost all gone. There was one left. I quickly snatched it before any other girls could, and went to a bench to write.

Finishing the form, my hand shook as I signed my name.

The End

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