Chapter Two: Haman

Chapter Two: Haman

“...And with the new foreign policy in place, the English can't complain that we're oppressing them.” I smiled at the foreign secretary and his assistant before a hand firmly rested on my shoulder. I turned to see Ahlex standing with a cup of coffee,

“I hope you don't mind Mr. Clyne, I've got to borrow Mr. Haman for a moment,”

“Not at all,” the foreign secretary nodded and walked off with his assistant.

“Let's speak in private,” he muttered under his breath. I followed the Prime Minister down the corridor into his office. It was a spacious office with many green plants, large wooden cabinets, two long leather sofas and a desk with a laptop on. Ahlex picked up some files from the leather sofa and threw them onto his desk before gesturing that I sit down, which I did.

“This isn't strictly political stuff,” he began perching on the edge of his desk and running his hands through his hair.

“What's it about Sir?” I asked settling myself down on the sofa and crossing my legs,

“The banquet last week was a disgrace...”

“I wouldn't say that, well I suppose the venison was slightly well done but I'm sure you could deduct a few pounds off the caterers' final payment...”

“I'm not talking about the food Michael,” Ahlex shot back, “I'm sure you didn't fail to notice the lack of a woman at my side,”

“I did notice, was Ashley ill?”

“She wasn't herself but no, she wasn't ill,”

“I'm sure she'll come to the next one,” I offered, Ahlex's teeth clenched and he swallowed,

“I'm not so sure,”

“Oh,” was all I could reply. Ahlex stood himself up and went to his cabinet, he opened the doors and poured himself a glass of whiskey. He offered me one but I shook my head. “Trouble in paradise?” I asked after a long silence, Ahlex finished his drink and poured himself another.

“If I'm honest Haman there never really was a paradise...”

“I'm sorry to hear that Sir,” I said sitting up straight,

“If you were in my position, what would you do?”

“I'm not sure what I'd do...but you, you're the Prime Minister of Wales for goodness sake, you can do anything, get anyone!”

“Are you saying I could do better?”

“I'm not suggesting you've done badly, but I am saying there's room for improvement,”

“How large an improvement?”

“The most beautiful woman in the country wouldn't turn you down!” I enthused, I particularly enjoyed this part of my job, earning Ahlex's trust made me all the more powerful. Before any large decision Ahlex usually came to me and I was building up my favour with him, I was going to use him as a puppet. The English were becoming weaker and soon the English King would hand over all power to Ahlex, that would be when I struck. The English contaminated the Welsh, they thought themselves superior but every Welshman knew it was all English pride and arrogance. They were all style and no substance, all talk and no trousers.

I looked up at Ahlex and realised he was speaking, “...divorce her?”

“Pardon?” I asked,

“Do you think I should divorce her?”

“Sir, if she is not obeying your orders, if she defies you, if you do not love her any more – then divorce her.” Ahlex nodded his head and smiled,

“Thank you Michael, you may go.”

I got up and left his office, as I strolled down the corridor someone called my name.

“Michael! Michael Haman!” I turned to see Mordecai walking towards me, Mordecai reached me and handed me a pile of letters. “The Prime Minister said to look through these and make sure they're okay.” I snatched the papers from Mordecai and nodded. I did not like him, he was English and he wouldn't do anything I asked him. He said he served Ahlex and God and no one else. I opened the file and sifted through the pages,

“Ah the divorce papers?” I asked in astonishment, “That was quick.”

“I'll tell him you approve?” Mordecai offered, I nodded and tossed the files back at Mordecai, he missed and the papers fluttered down to the ground. Mordecai stooped to pick them up, I left him at my feet and went to my office. Only a few more months and he'd be gone, along with every other English person on the face of the earth.  

The End

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