Tawni was thunderstruck, there really was things such as vampires and zombies and werewolves. 
  "But your a myth, can you be my living room?"
  I am going to ring my friends and tell them about this.
  But then more smokes from the fiery pits of hell. More witches, zombies, werewolves and spirits entered the chamber, it was like a metting for the undead at the first stroke of midnight.
 "You forgot about the witches."
  As Tawni got up to the door, it slammed into her face, giving her a bleeding nose. She toppled onto the box and smashed  it in, along with the might of the werewolf, but it was not enough. The witch cast a bolt of lightning down onto the box and they were free.

  Tawni woke up the next morning to find her television on, healdines were "London infested with creatures." and the floor was awash with blood, what did they want?

The End

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