Contacting the Dead.

"So I processed the knife by using the circumference, radius and diameter, turns out itr was not a knife, but a claw, in fact to make things even weirder, a werewolf claw."
  Her two best friends Monica and Eric were horrified and nonplussed. "How on Earth?"
  "Well, I spoke with Grace, the vic's wife and she said he contacted the dead for a joke with his friends just before he died, so I'm thinking I might do the same"
  Monica chortled "You don't actually think it is a werewolf, I can't believe yer doing it"
  "Take a look what I found in his pocket then Monica" and Tawni pulled out a book about contacting the dead.
  I have got my neighbour building a chamber for me to contain it, if it works(!)"

  That night a storm crackled and lightning felt as trhough it would make an inferno."
  Tawni had made a shrine dedicated to mythical creatures, Werewolves, zombies, Vampires. She sat down besides the chamber and started chanting from the book.
  "Awaken now, awake from sleep
   I find myself where shadows creep
  Help the ones who are deceased
  So that there sould can rest in peace
  The creatures now come to me
  Reveal yourself for me to see"
  There was an weird creaking sound and a rumble of the thunder and then a small puff of smoke got into the chamber.
  "Hello Tawni, I want to get out please, let me out." A small clawed hand smaked onto the reinforced glass. The voice was low and gothic.
  "What are you?"
  "Your people have written about me, made films about me, for I am Dracula."

The End

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