Tiffany Hornton was a young fifteen year old girl. She had had a rough childhood and was put in an orpahnage at the age of one, she had been adopted by Miss Eloise Hornton and considered her her true mother She had long blonde hair and was undeniably clever. "Mondays" she said as she opened her eyes grogily. On her bedside table was a cup of tea. "THANKS MUM" she screeched downstairs. She got dressed in her school uniform and gone downstairs and there was her best friend, Tyler. Tiffany had known Tyler all her life and he too was orphaned and adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Fairwick. They were neighbours and had stayed that way throughout there entire life. It put a smile on her face and they engaged in deep conversation. "Hello Tyler, how are you" "I am good thanks, and you" "Yes thanks, got the paper, excuse my rudeness" Tyler brought the paper round they're house every Monday and Saturday. He got out his schoolbag and gave it to her. "The headline is weird, I'll give it that" She unrolled it and pulled out the magazine. She looked diretly at the headline, and read aloud. "Lawyer husband slaughtered under mysterious circumstances involving blunt knives, read more page six" "KIDS, GO NOW OR YOU'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!" screeched Eloise. Tiffany put the papwer on the couch and left with Tyler for school. On their way out, he said to her. "I'll tell you what happened, You won't believe it"
The End

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