the oraphis blood

There was my husband in the centre of the room, in front of the table, holding out a wallet.
  He thundered across the room as his hearing was takin a turn for the worst "His name is Darren Smith!" but quickly I shut him up and observed for myself.
  He was a young blonde male, single, and no kids or wife that I could have seen. Quickly I saw his body on the table and got to work.
  His head was undeniably covered in blood. Spewing or trickling out of every oraphis. I saw stab marks in his body, just above where his diaphram should have been. I slowly picked up a camera and began clicking away. I picked up a scalpel and started cutting into his body.
  I got a ladle, and poured out his stomach contents, which i estimated was about five pints of beer. I imagined he was drunk. I took measurings from the knife mark and looked to see if anything was compatible with the markings in the computer data.

  "Well I discovered that he was drunk when he died, COD was stabbing but I ran to see if the computer knew about the knife marks but nothing. He was stabbed just above his diaphram and his wife is being brought in by my husband.

  On the other side of London, Tiffany Hornton was waking up 

The End

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