A young forensic scientist is on the verge of discoverying new life, but not everything is a fantasy, when the lady unleashes hell and monsters in the streets of London, and what has it got to do with a young teenage girl

Chapter 1
The phone rings

The relentless downpour settled my spine and my neck was crippling, the storm on the horizon was brewing. I wreathed in bed like wind blowing a leaf and checked the time. four a.m. I was wide awake, nothing could get me to sleep, especially the next two notes.
I picked the phone up dismally and I knew by instinct it was my husband on the phone, the chief inspector. My life as an author was wasted as I became a forensic scientist four years earlier.
  "Hello" I said wearily
  "Tawni, we need you down here, now a body has just come in, you need to see this one, it's nothing like I have ever seen before"
  I walked to the crime lab, put on my usual clothes, got the equipment and walked in to see what had happened

The End

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