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                                                            Chapter 3


I'm going to kill him. No I'm going to kill his sister and his mother while he watches, then and only then will i kill him. 

He seems to know this as he turns to look at me in panic. My eyes are trained on him and only him, and with all my strength I speak.

"Let me up"

He doesn't reply, but gets an odd look on his face like he wants to.

"Do it. Now." and this time, turns around to leave.

"No damn it! Look at me!" he keeps walking.

"NO" all my pain, all my fear is let out in this one word, finally causing him to stop. But he still wont turn the hell around!

"Look at me! look at what you have done!" why do i say this? because its true, he did this. and now we are connected, forever. Or at least until one of us dies, which wont be too long now. Because I'm going to fucking kill him.

He turns and looks at me with regret then says," Get up, don't speak, don't kill anyone" he says the last part almost jokingly. He doesn't know how badly i wanted to kill him, to kill all of them, of maybe he did know and that's why he said it. None of it matters anyway, i don't have to be the one to do it, their own bodies will be the ones responsible for giving out.

"and don't touch anyone for that matter" its like he knows what i was thinking, thanks to this damn bracelet. Sitting up i don't feel the need to stand, if i cant kill anyone there's no point in waisting energy.

"So Jeff when were you planning on telling me about our little relationship here? When your 'Mom' is trying to cut me open? or maybe when you and your family are slaughtering my people?" When i finish he comes to crouch in front of me, what a scene this must be, fallen people surrounded us, others standing there knives in their hands, ready and waiting, and one man standing in front of a girl so beaten down she cant even stand. 

"You were never meant to find out" i know that, everyone know that, its safer for all of you idiots if i didn't know because i wouldn't have a target. I wouldn't have a goal.

"But i did, now what." i respond

"i don't know"

"you control my actions"

"you will kill me and everyone in this room if i couldn't"

"you kidnapped me"

"you broke in"

"You took the girl"

"What girl"

"The girl, the one we came here for"

"we didn-" he begins to say but is cut off by a snappy voice saying,

"Jeff i told you to keep her in her room." mother dearest just so happened to come in at the most important part.

"What girl is she talking about"

"Come, and bring her with you to my office."

And just like that she turns and walks away. Again. She's starting to annoy me with that... maybe if i break both her legs she would stop.

"no you cant break her legs, you would be killed on the spot if you tried." what just happened. what in the hell. just. happened.

I didnt say that out loud, and this bracelet wouldnt keep allowing him to enter my thoughts. He must not be human, well thats just peachy. Im chained to a hunter that is not even a human, how long will he live? how long do i have to stay with him until he dies?!

He stands and looks down at me before saying "stand" im up on both my legs within a second.

The control he has over me should not have ever been possible. This bracelet should never have been created. I should never have accepted this job. And most of all i should never have left Jason.


The End

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