Cant Keep Me DownMature




                                                            Chapter 2

We enter a room, black walls, and a purple bed. 

"Jeff will accompany you everywhere, he will be here soon with Allison you will not go anywhere without him, understand?" 

I only nod, but it seems like enough to satisfy her. Why does it have to be him? Does she put so much of her trust into this one son but not the others, and with all the other hunters she has at her command, why him? What makes him so special, is he faster, stronger, better aim with a gun, best at hand to hand combat? Is this his special time to shine-keep the scary monster at bay and he gets a promotion from mommy dearest? For some odd reason, this thought brings a pain in my chest.

Even without my enhanced hearing, I'm able to pick up new activity in the hallway, the two walking are so loud, I'm sure even a human would be able to hear them. 

"Ah here they are, don't let her out of you sight," They nod their heads in agreement.

Before she leaves she turns to me "Don't go getting ideas, there are two other guards on duty outside the door, and another six in the hallway." So take down these four, then another six, I can take them, and as soon as I kill them I can find the one who put this bracelet on me. That’s the only thing that matters now, getting this thing off me.

With that she turns and walks out. They take their position at the door, blocking any escape. I turn away and lay on the bed. I look at them my face completely void of all emotion, they stare back, we stay like this for a good five minutes until I eventually shrug and close my eyes; I don't know what it is, but i cant look Jeff in the face, i cant look at his eyes, i think i will be consumed in its very depths and this thought terrifies me.

Why am i so afraid of such a silly little thing, how did this thought get placed into my head in the first place. I don't know and i definitely don't want to find out.

It is a few hours before I hear them relax slightly.As soon as this happens, I jump up and run as fast as I can. I'm at the door before they can realize what's happened. Alice tries to keep the door closed with one hand but I rip the door open dodging both of them.

The two outside the door have already lost the will to be as attentive as they should have been. They don't even see my escape coming.

Sprinting down the hallway I see the others begin to run at me as well. Ten against one, hunters never do play fair to they?

Grunting I kick out with my left foot, swing around with my right fist. In less than thirty seconds four are down, I can see victory. Until a voice bellows out,


And with that I crumple to the ground, down on one knee, head down-a universal sign showing that I surrender. This one voice and this one word stopped me in my place. How? Then the thought appeared in my mind, vibrated through my body. The god forsaken bracelet. Then a rage takes hold of me, this boy is the only thing I can not touch with my fire, the only one I can not hurt in any way-the one that controls me.

Everything around me seemed to stand still, everyone watching, waiting for what happens next. All the muscles in my body are frozen. Even breathing is near impossible. Who is the one who put this monstrosity on me, the one who commands my very movement?

With everyone watching me it is near impossible to tell who the voice belongs to, all I can do is lay here until I'm told I can move.

The whole world seems to take a breath as the voice speaks again.

"Get Mom" That voice-it’s him. But I can’t see whose talking! Wait mom...that means...Jeff.


The End

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