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                                                      Chapter One



Its like a game, watch, attack, run, watch attack run, watch attack run, the cycle keeps going and going. We've been running around here in the enemies hide out looking for the girl, the one who will change our lives. I look around to see we're in a empty corridor, when all of a sudden everything begins to waver; I can't concentrate on what's in front of me.

Then were surrounded ,we sprint off in different directions, without glancing back i can feel the hunters following, there must be at least a dozen of them. We will get caught, but I guess we have to try - we have to get the girl. I look behind us to see the others are following. The lights flicker off, Jax has finally turned off there main power source, but then i feel it-there's so much anger and betrayal radiating throughout my companions. 'Keep running', the thought that flows through my mind, but oddly it doesn't feel like it's mine.

I've lost them. It's as if I've blinked and they vanished. As it always is. Im about to turn a corner when a body pushes against me, holding me there. Before i have time to react the person covers my mouth and says "shh, there are eight around this corner, six down the left corridor and three following you." good old  Jason, always holding me back, always keeping me safe.

Nodding i blend into the darkness, its a specialty of mine. Jason follows, and together we run through the fortress, hall after hall. Were close when all of a sudden a man steps out of the shadows, holds up a gun and shoots Jason in the neck. Its thankfully just a tranquilizer but he still collapses to the ground without another sound. 

Fire encircles my body before lashing out at him, lifting Jason, i throw one of his arms around my shoulders and i encircle my arm around his waste i drag him away, down through another hall.

"Damn elf!" He bellows out after us. I chuckle lightly to myself as to not give away my location.

"Payback's a bitch, isn't it?" I think before falling to the ground with Jason pining me down. He's asleep and he's heavy what the hell am i going to do with him? He will only compromise our mission. Leaving him is the only option, we grew up together, and I'm going to leave him here with the hunters, our greatest enemy. But duty comes before friendship, and with that thought- i leave him.   

Running away from him, running to her, the girl. It was so wrong but i made the decision, the decision to keep going. Then just like that i was surrounded. From all sides they attack, fast as vipers, but i must be faster.

"how did I not sense them?" I think just before shoving off the human and shoving my palm up and out I feel it connect with his nose, pushing up, immediately killing him, as I kick out at my other attackers. I hear a groan as he crashes to the ground. I'm suddenly grabbed roughly, and my hands and feet are bound swiftly.

Everything is so planned out, they knew we were coming, they knew our weaknesses, they knew our strengths. They knew everything.

I glare at my attackers as a sharp pain fills my neck. My eyes are blurry and before I pass out I catch a glance at blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.



The world is surrounded in darkness; I feel as if I don't have a body, I'm weightless. I float through aimlessly until something like light slowly fades away the darkness. All at once I feel my body, I realize I'm walking, but don't stop.


Not even when I realize I'm shuffling through water, or something that flows like it, same pale blue, but calling it water just feels wrong. I'm too distracted by this seemingly nameless object to notice a woman walking towards me, she's beautiful. I can't see her face but I know this, it's the only thing I truly know in this world. She wears a short black dress that appears to be covered in a thick dark liquid. Her essence is calming yet terrifying, like she holds a dear secret but will never tell it.


"The time is almost upon us" she says with a supernatural voice, it's so recognizable yet I can't place it. It seems like an eternity before I can find my voice.

"Time for what?" I ask her timidly she stares at me contemplating, I can feel it. Finally she makes up her mind about something

"For you to determine your destiny, for you to determine all of our desinies." she says and like that vanishes taking the light and all feeling with her, leaving me once again in the black darkness





"Wake up Luna." Says a far away voice.

Luna? Wait... Luna! That's my name. Luna...

"Luna, you have to wake up."

It's the voice again- the voice from earlier.

"LUNA, WAKE UP!" The sudden screaming brings me back from the darkness.

"Finally..." I hear a voice at my side. I turn slightly to see a pair of jeans. I hear some mumbling, so I turn further and see more than just jeans. It's the boy from yesterday. His blonde hair is short and spiked and his eyes seem browner today than blue. He's still talking; Jesus, someone shut him up. I begin to make out his words.

"Out for days..." I groan as I try to get up, and find that my hands are tied to a cot. Like this can hold me.

"Where am I?" I ask quietly.

He stares at me like I'm insane. "Why would I tell you? It's not like you can ever leave so it shouldn't matter,"

'Asshole,' I think. I guess I must have actually said it out loud considering the look of fury on his face.

"You're an idiot for asking such a stupid question." He replied.

I snicker at his idiocy, and he turns to leave


"What?" He grumbles back.

"What's your name?"

He seems surprised, but he quickly covers it. "Zack." And he walks out. He doesn't seem to know what kind of power a name holds.

A woman comes in soon after. She too has those piercing blue eyes, but unlike Zack's they seem lifeless.

"We have work to do. If you don't understand yet, you're a lab rat. If you comply you will be rewarded. Like now, you haven't struggled or threatened me."

I blink, surprised. Does she really think she can hold me here?

"Tell me about yourself." She commands.

I say nothing

She sighs. "I'll go first, then. My name's Jessica Green. I have two sons: one you've met, Zach, and another Jeff. I have one daughter named Allison, I'm forty six. Your turn."

"Luna." I hope I didn't give too much away.

"What's your last name?" I groan internally. I cannot lie, literally, I can't, and she knows this. I was hoping she wouldn't ask.

"Stone." I said. I heard her intake of breath. She takes a second before replying.

"Well, then, Princess" she says sarcastically ",I believe you are a valuable asset to us." I know what she's planning without even being able to read her thoughts.

"You must be truly stupid if you think you can hold me for ransom or start a war. You only need one to continue the line." I say without emotion. She ponders this before sighing in disappointment.

"Guess we'll have to find something else then." This lights annoyance throughout my body.

"You're still valuable; being the first elf we've caught in awhile - half a century to be exact. We will continue with the plan, now hold still." She un-cuffs me. I notice a black bracelet with red beads curling up my forearm ending at my elbow.

'Oh, crap.' I think, stiffening. She notices.

"You're tied to here now. Even if you try to leave you won't get far. Come now," She says, and I obey, for what choice do I have, she's got me. But not for long.


The End

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