What do you do when you have been betrayed by your family and friends? What do you turn to when you are kidnaped by your enemy? Who are your allies?
When Luna is turned on by her own kind and sacrificed to the enemy without knowing, she fights for her life or at least the life she thinks she can recover least until she learns the truth.
Jeff is a hunter, born into a clan, all he knows is hunting those who are like Luna "watchers" "elves" "demons" "night hunters". When h

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Six people, one assignment. We were told it would be quick. In and out. They lied.

 We went for the girl, she was something that could win us the war, but she it could also destroy us. She was told to be a prophecy, one with the power to end this everlasting battle that has been raging between the humans and us. Everyone in the Nine Kingdoms knew of her, of how special she was, they say one like her comes along every four thousand years. She can see into the future, the past and everything in between, she is a very important and valuable asset to us.

She will unite all Nine Kingdoms together, unite us with the hunters and the humans. She is a sign of peace- but also a sign of war. If she says to war, we will go to war- all of us, every single elf, every single one- marching in her name-a name we don't even know yet. Her age, her name, what she looks like. All hidden from us, to keep her safe from those who would harm her.

They took her in the dark of night where she was staying with human parents, the simple fact that we left her with humans and few guards had me questioning this whole thing. Father said it was to keep her safe, to keep the next leader from coming to harm. He is the king, the ruler of the people and has been for the last two centuries. Soon his rein will come to an end, and she will be the one to determine our fate in this war.

We are greatly out numbered by the humans, by the hunters. Even with our power to control the elements, there are too many of them, we are forced into the deepest parts of the forests, which they have begun cutting down. They will do anything to wipe us from the face of the earth. Why do they hunt us?

Long ago we raped, pillaged and burned village after village, town after town. They promised to never forget what we have done in the past, and that they will make us pay, we know what we have done, we have not warped our view of history.

The time has come for change, she will bring it. We have put all our hopes into one child, and if she cannot do it our whole race will be destroyed in a heart beat. All that have ever been born into the kingdoms have heard the stories of her and what she will do, of how she will save us. She is our hope, our dream, our savior. She is our everything, and we have been entrusted with the duty of getting her back. I will risk everything on this mission, as long as she is safe by the end of today i did my job, she can relieve me of this burden and i can be free. 

If she had not come i would be next in line for the throne, a duty i did not want, a duty that four others could do. Those four others are my brothers and sisters, the only reason they can not do it- there isnt one, father has claimed me as the only one who can do this task, why? i can not question him, his word is final.

The time is coming for our fate to be determined.

The End

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