Essay overload, or revenge of the silent assasins, or Mr Snuggles doesn't like you, or Dennis champion of the world, or the alien and the mop, or a case of too many titles, or I think its time for bed

The moral of the story is, never do night

Dennis was tired, 4 hours on the essay and he still only had a total of 5 words, and they were his name and the title! He stared at his work thinking what was he gonna do, it had to be finished before the night ended. He staggered to the kitchen to fix himself another coffee in the hope he might manage another few hours, the pile of dirty mugs from the last 3 nights of procrastination were reaching so high he could barely see out of the window, not that there was much to see, only the back of the rather more impressive family home infront of the shabby student flat. He groaned at the sight, he hated washing up with a sigh he grabbed some rubber gloves and started to work.

 The house was silent apart from the running water, somehow the silence in the house made him uneasy, it may be 2 in the morning but the street rarely stopped, he turned the taps off and parted the front curtains. The street was dark outside was empty that didn't seem right to Dennis, he looked up and down pressing his face to the cold glass looking for any sign of life. Dennis opened the door and walked cautiously to the gate increasingly aware that he was wearing only his boxers and a pair of rubber gloves. He looked up and down the street again, but saw nothing not even a cat, he felt uneasy. Dennis climbed uneasily over the hedge to next door cursing himself for not remembering it was hawthorn, he knocked on the door and waited, all the while wondering what he would say if someone answered, "excuse me don't you think its quiet" sounded stupid even to him. He waited for someone to answer, he knocked again but no sound came from inside. Feeling a little more detemined he moved down another house and knocked so hard his knuckles hurt, he even tried the bell, "Mrs Cameron!" he called, accompanying it with a flurry of pebbles onto the window. Again no sound came from the house, he started to freak out, where was everyone? he understood if the students next door was out but not Mrs Cameron! Mrs Cameron never strayed from the house, she lived there with her 24 cats all called snuggles and insisted that if they were left for a mere second they would all die of starvation, unlikely as all 24 had grown so large they had lost the power of movement. Dennis sneeked round the back of the house and peeked in to her pattio windows, all inside was dark knitted quilts covered ever surfice. Dennis banged on the windows in frustration, and set off a loud house alarm which under normal circumstances would have been sure to awaken everyone in the neighbourhood. He waited there not knowing weither to run or to wait and see if someone appeared, he stood there stairing into the door, again no movement he didnt even see any cats. Dennis sighed in frustration and decided to call his mate Steve, Steve had been working on his essay as well that night so he was sure to be up. The phone rang, and rang, and rang then BAM! Dennis was hit over the head with a mop sending him crashing over Mrs Cameron's bench.

The End

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