Greek: Another FemaleMature

Greek Rayans

I was nervous. I was the only one in the cell right now, and when the others came in, they'd be suprised. I wouldn't be introduced, I'd have to introduce myself. I'd have to learn them. This place has been up for 5 years, everyone already knows each other. I'm a newbie.

When the three teens walked in, I was drawing in my journal. I was on the bottom bunk of the first bunk against the wall. It was to the right, and the top bunk was full of girly stuff. The comforter was lime green zebra stripes, and nail polish was everywhere. I figured she still had the comforter because she fought for it. They took away my comforter and almost everything I had packed.

"Um. Who the heck are you?" The only female asked.  She had really long blonde hair with chocolate brown on the bottom. Her green eyes were latched onto mine, and she looked pretty scare.

"Phoebe. Chill." A asian looking male said. There was another male who didn't seem to pay much attention to me, as if he was used to this kind of thing. He sat on his bunk, which was against the back wall, and listened to our conversation.

"I'm Greek. I just got here about twenty minutes ago. The people said you guys were at breakfast, so they just threw me in here. Well didn't throw me but-"

"I get it." Phoebe said. She didn't seem very pleased to see me, and she sat with the asian looking male on his bunk. They were playing some game, tick tac toe or something of that sort.

I could hear them whispering, and it didn't make me feel very good. I wasn't positive that they were talking about me, but I had a feeling.

"What's your story?" Phoebe asked in a tone that wasn't as mean as before.

"Well.... it's kind of long."

"Trust me, we have plenty of time." The other male said, not looking up from whatever he was doing.

The End

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