The EscapeMature

"You sure this is going to work?" James asked Phoebe.

"Relax, cupcake. This'll work," Phoebe said. She let out a shrill laugh, one which James had never heard before.

James wondered what he was doing here. How exactly had they come this far? He knew they escaped their cell, and they were at the front gate of the facility right now, but apart from that he had absolutely no idea what happened.

There were a dozen guards patrolling the area, and fighting them wasn't an option. They had to find a way to sneak past.

"We need a distraction," Reagan said, and for some reason James felt as if someone dropped a lead weight in his gut.

"Agreed," Phoebe said. The two of them were smiling now, and it creeped James out.

"What kind of distraction?" James asked before some unknown force hurled him towards the guards.

The guards turned their attention to him, and behind them James saw Phoebe and Reagan slip out of sight into freedom.

So that was it then. They'd abandoned James for a shot at freedom. James really was alone now, as he had always been. They'd never really cared about him. He'd been a fool to trust the other two.

A guard brought a large police baton crashing down on his face.

I woke up. You know how in movies the hero always wakes up from a nightmare by jerking into a sitting position? I've never had that happen to me in real life. I usually wake up with a pillow on my face.

I tried to remember the dream I had, but I already felt it slipping away. I couldn't sleep, so I walked into the bathroom and checked myself in the mirror. I saw the impossibly handsome James Chang looking back at me.

No problems there, then.

Again I tried to remember the dream that woke me up, but it was hopeless. It was totally gone. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and settled down back to sleep.

The End

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